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What is Laser Therapy?

  Laser Therapy is the application of Coherent light to treat different ailments.  The laser light consists of high energy light beams at certain wavelengths that can create a healing environment for the cells of the body.

Laser therapy is a holistic, non-invasive, effective way to manage many different conditions.

How does Laser Therapy work?

Some wavelengths of laser light can affect cells by inhibiting or stimulating their functions.  The cell reaction depends on the level of laser light applied over time.  The cells then produce ATP that allows for improved blood flow to the area treated and improved healing capabilities.  The photons can also reduce inflammatory mediators PFE2, TNF and IL-6 resulting in pain relief.

Laser therapy can also act as a modality to administer acupuncture.

Is Laser Therapy Painful?

No!  Laser therapy is painless.  A probe is simply applied to the skin of the patient and the laser goes to work penetrating the skin.

How many Treatments will my Pet need?

Every pet is different.  We will generally start with a treatment 3 times the first week then twice the second week and then wean down on the number of treatments received. Our goal is to make every pet more comfortable than is being attained on traditional medications and reduce  their reliance on mediations.  Unfortuanately, not every pet will respond to this mode of therapy.

How much does treatment Cost?

Therapy costs vary depending on the time required and the location.  Hips and backs will require more time than a superficial  lesion.  Ask us about cost, we also offer a no-obligation initial treatment - ON US!