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Meadow View Veterinary Clinic Veterinarian Batavia, IL Privacy Policy

Meadow View Veterinary Clinic (MVVC) has a privacy policy in place to protect you and your pets’ information.  We will NOT sell any information and will NOT release any of your personal information or your pets’ information without your consent with the following exceptions:

1. As required by Kane County, the CDC or any other government regulatory offices regarding Rabies vaccination status or any reportable disease.

2. We will release vaccination status information to boarding and grooming facilities.

3. In emergency situations, a veterinarian will talk to the treating veterinarian to give necessary medical history that affects treatments.  Any transfer of records beyond a verbal conversation requires your consent.

4. If there is an outstanding balance on your account that is not paid, we reserve the right to release necessary information in order to recover moneys owed MVVC.

5. MVVC may release information to a third party expressly for other services that may be necessary for the care of your pet (i.e. generating patient reminders, compliance reports, obtaining laboratory services, consultations, referrals etc).

6. We offer E-pet records that is a third party online service for easy access to your records and we occasionally send newsletters to clients regarding special events at MVVC using third party mailing services.

This may not be an all inclusive list as we do continue to offer new services to our clients.   Any service that is used will be for the purpose of benefiting you and your pets care.  

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